Prospective Participants

  1. How much does UBMS cost?
    UBMS is free to participants. All costs are paid for by the US Department of Education.
  2. When does the program start?UBMS runs all year long.  During the academic year students attend tutorial activities biweekly, participate in cultural and professional development activities, and college visits.  During the summer students participate in the Summer Residential Program which runs from late June through the end of July.
  3. Is UBMS a summer camp?
    No UBMS is a four year pre-college program. We will not, under any circumstances accept, a student just for the summer program. Students who only do not participate in the academic year program may not be considered eligible to participate in the summer.
  4. Can my child apply for just the summer program?
    No, students must participate in the academic year program before the summer program. Once a student is accepted, they are expected to participate until high school graduation.
  5. Why do you need my child’s social security number?
    The federal government requires us to collect social security numbers in order to track students through college graduation. All information is kept secure in our office.
  6. Does my child need to reapply every year?
    No, once a student is accepted into the program they are participants until high school graduation.
  1. If my child does not go to a target school can they still participate in UBMS?
    Due to Federal regulations we can only serve students who attend our target schools. If your child does not attend one of our target schools, please check with one of the other local UBMS programs.

  2. What happens if I (we) do not meet the low income level?
    Students are accepted based on income level and residential parent'(s) highest education. If a household does not meet the low income level, but no residential parent has a bachelor’s degree the student may still be accepted in the program.
  3. What happens if I (we) do not meet the low income level and I (we) have a bachelor’s degree?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept students whose families do not meet at least one of these criteria.
  4. Why do I need to turn in my 1040?
    UBMS is required by federal regulations to have proof that a family meets the low income level.
  5. My child has academic need and we meet the requirements, why wasn’t my child accepted into the program?
    We can not accept students with extremely low grades, learning disabilities or severe behavior problems. Though we understand how problematic this may be for parents, we simply do not have the resources to serve every student and must select the students for whom we can offer the most impact.
  1. When and where is my child supposed to come for the academic year program?
    The academic year program runs on Saturdays, on average twice a month here on UMBC’s campus. The sessions run from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  2. Is transportation provided on Saturdays?
    No, we do not provide transportation to or from campus for the Saturday program. We encourage participants to carpool with other participants when possible.
  3. What will my child be doing on Saturdays?
    We employ current high school teachers to provide students with academic assistance in the subjects they are currently taking but in smaller settings. This is not day care nor is it social time for your child. We expect students to come ready to work, ask questions, and get help.
  4. What should my child bring on Saturdays?
    Your child should always come to the Saturday program with work to do and to get help with.
  5. What should I do if I need to drop off my child late, or pick up my child early?
    Contact the UBMS office (410) 455-3677 or contact Mr. Muhammad directly.
  6. How many Saturdays does my child have to attend?
    We encourage students to attend every Saturday that we offer the program. We understand that students and parents have other responsibilities and commitments. We send a schedule of Saturdays home each semester for students to sign up for specific sessions. We expect students to attend all of the sessions that they select. Participation during the academic year is a significant factor in determining eligibility for participation in the summer.
  7. Where do I go to find out about closure due to inclement weather?
    We always cancel sessions if UMBC closes due to inclement weather. We may also close even if the University is open based on the status of Baltimore County Public Schools (our campus is located in Baltimore County). We will also attempt to contact families as early as possible to notify you of a cancellation.
  1. When is the Summer Program?
  2. For 2016, the SRP will run from June 20th – Jul 29th.
  3. What does “residential” mean?Students will stay on campus in the dorm from Sundays – Fridays the first five weeks of the program.  The last week is a college tour.  Students are supervised at all times whenever they are in residence with the program.
  4. Do you provide transportation for children to get back and forth to the campus during the summer?No, parents are responsible for getting the students to and from campus.
  5. Are students in class all day during the summer?No, students attend classes during the day.  In the evenings students will participate in a variety of enrichment activities.
  6. Who teaches classes during the summer?Classes are taught by high school teachers and staff and college faculty members.
  7. Will students have fun during the program?
    Students will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities as well during the summer.  We try to provide a balanced experience.  To be clear though, this is an academic program.  The priority of our program and our staff is to prepare our participants to be successful in college.
  8. Do I need to provide money for my child during the summer?No.  We cover all costs for room and board including meals on field trips.  You can provide your child with snacks to keep in their room.  If your child wants to buy food after dinner or outside of the meals that we provide, they are responsible for those costs.
  9. What can my child bring with them for the summer?
    What your child will need this summer can be found here.  What to bring. Students can also bring a small refrigerator for their dorm room.
  10. What items are not allowed during the summer?Students can not bring Televisions, game systems, or any cooking appliances/devices (e.g. microwaves, hot plates, etc…).
  11. What do I do if I need to contact my child?We do not allow the use of cell phones between breakfast and dinner. If you need to contact your child during that time, contact the UBMS office (410) 455-3677.  In the evenings, you can call your child directly, call his/her dorm room, or contact the appropriate residential director (male or female).
  1. Do I need to have teaching experience to become a summer instructor?
    Yes, all summer instructors must have teaching experience.
  2. Can I take classes during the summer if I am a tutor?
    Tutors are not allowed to take classes during the summer.
  3. Can I be a tutor if I am a freshman?
    No, tutors must have at least 45 credits.
  4. Do you provide room & board?
    Yes we do, for night counselors ONLY.
  5. Can I work for two departments at once?
    UMBC does allow students to work for multiple departments. However, you cannot work more than 20 hours during the academic year.
  6. What is the GPA requirement?
    Tutors must have a cum. 2.75 GPA, and a 3.0 GPA in the subject they plan to tutor.
  7. Do I have to be a current college student to be a tutor?
    You do not have to be a current college student, but you must have a college degree if you are not currently enrolled.
  8. Are there limitations in the dorms for summer tutors?
    Yes, summer tutors are not allowed to have alcohol in their rooms, even if they are over 21. Also, summer tutors are not allowed to have visitors when the students are on campus and can not have overnight visitors at all.
  9. Can I be a tutor if I am an international student?
    As long as you have permission to work in the United States you may work for UBMS.