How to Become a Participant

Complete the application process.

  1. Acquire an application.
    • Download the fillable pdf UBMS application.
    • Download a printable pdf UBMS Application.
    • If you attend one of our target schools, you can pick an application up from the guidance office.
    • You can also contact the UBMS office to have an application sent to you (410) 455-3677.
    • If you have questions, please contact Asst. Director Dedrick Muhammad or via cell 410-262-4829.
  2. Gather the required documents and information. You and your parents will have to complete parts if the application. You will also have to get information from your school.  Please refer to the checklist on the front page of the application package.  It outlines all that you should include. We require recommendations from both math and science teachers and a guidance counselor.  Paper copies of the recommendation forms are available here.  We require your academic records.  We also require verification of financial eligibility.  While we would prefer a 1040 tax return, we can accept a signed statement of household taxable income from a parent. Income eligibility is determined by the Department of Education.
  3. Submit your application. You can submit your application by mail to the address on the application. You can also fax the application to the number listed on the application. Finally you can drop the application off at the UBMS office.

Complete an interview.

If your application passes through our review process, you and your parents will then be invited in for an interview.  This is the final step in the review process for acceptance into the program.  We will use both the responses in the interview, along with the content of your application to decide whether to accept you into the program or not.  Getting invited for an interview does not mean that you have been accepted into the program.

Notification of the decision.

We will notify you as to the result of the application review via email and a letter will be sent to your home address.